Complexity Consulting

Complex Systems

Image by Jorge Guillen from Pixabay

An Invitation

We invite you to consider a new way of thinking and doing—or better yet, a new way of seeing connections, finding your way about and taking next steps.
We will help you peel back designs, plans, programs, best practices and all of the other fads, tools, and techniques that may be obscuring what is actually going on in your work and your business, agency or organization.
We invite you to pay attention to what is happening in the ordinary, everyday interactions of work, where direction, strategy and results emerge out of the daily “politics” and conversation of the people who are your organization.

Considering Complexity

We yearn for a world of simplicity and certainty. What we have, however, is anything but that. Complexity and uncertainty coupled with change have shaken our world to its foundations. Reducing that turbulence to simple, rational rules or indecipherable computer-generated mathematical formulas has a cost to it – the loss of human spontaneity and freedom, and with that loss, the place of individual and organizational change. How do we trace the intertwined threads of our complex organizational world? How do we navigate the stormy seas upon which we are tossed about?
In this exciting yet often bewildering world, what do we do next when we aren’t sure what’s coming next? That’s where I propose we begin the conversation - and help make sense of things and help make a difference.

Questions to Ask Yourself